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Program 11. ETNOFILm Festivala

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Catharsis – Multimedia portrait exhibition

Location: Sv.Toma Gallery
Opening: 26.04.2019. at 17 o’clock

Catharsis, translated from Greek, means purification – primary of the spirit. Purge from powerful emotions, emotions that overwhelm us, regardless of their origin. This multimedia project, composed of fifty-four photos and corresponding works of various formats, deals with the specific aspect of psychoanalysis – introspection of men.


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Rovinj – city of activism

The ETNOFILm film workshop “Rovinj-city of Activism” will be held in cooperation with the Visual Anthropology Center – VAC from Belgrade and Collective Vizantrop, Zagreb and Belgrade branch. Under the mentorship of Relje Pekić, researchers, members of the “Vizantrop” collective and associate researchers by applying and combining their specific knowledge through practical, engaging and research work, will be able to express their ideas by combining the art and science form by capturing short films within the given theme.


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Ethnographic drawing in the public space

During this year’s ETNOFILm festival two workshops will take place, the first being the Ethnographic drawing in the public space. The workshop is conceived as a team ethnographic experiment focusing on selected segments (zones and points) of the Rovinj public space.


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Poziv za filmove o/na autohtonim jezicima

[Prijave su završile 1.4. Hvala svima koji su prijavili svoje filmove za 11. ETNOFILm Festival]

ETNOFILm, etnografski filmski festival u Hrvatskoj, sa zadovoljstvom najavljuje otvaranje prijava za 11. izdanje Festivala. Festival će se održati u gradu Rovinju od 26. do 27. travnja 2019. u organizaciji Etnografskog muzeja Istre. Misija ETNOFILm festivala je podizanje svijesti o važnosti (nematerijalne) kulturne baštine za društvo i okoliš putem audiovizualnih medija.


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11. ETNOFILm Festival (23. – 27.04.2019.)

Rovinj will be hosting the 11th ETNOFILm festival, the majority of which will be taking place in the spaces of the Italian community in Rovinj. 11th edition of ETNOFILm will mark the search for experimental methods and the form of recording and transmission of ethnological research and intangible cultural heritage through the media of film and drawings. This year’s festival, including supporting festival events, are somewhat longer than the previous one, due to the changes in the concept of the festival that will be seen in this 11th edition. This year, the emphasis will be on two
workshops to be held simultaneously.


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(Hrvatski) Jubilarno 10. Izdanje ETNOFilm Festivala

Dear colleagues and friends,

ETNOFILm Festival is back this year bringing you even more ethnographic documentary films while basking in the Istrian sun! 

To celebrate the 10th edition of this anthropological romance, we have curated the program in three parts: Istrian, Retrospective and Student. Our selectors and longtime festival collaborators, Marko Zdravkovic-Kunac (Istrian), Bojan Mucko (Retrospective) and Relja Pekić Carić (Students) worked Tamara Nikolic Đerić, our artistic director, to prepare a program that matches the general spirit of the festival, bringing you new films while honours the ones we have already screened.

We will go into further detail about programs in some of our next posts so keep an eye on this space to plan your weekend accordingly!

Trg brodogradilišta 3, Rovinj

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(Hrvatski) U subotu završilo 9. izdanje ETNOFILma

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The opening day of ETNOFILm festival

The 9th edition of ETNOFILm started yesterday with Istrian Film Day, organized in cooperation with IKA.  (more…)

Published by: Tamara Nikolić Đerić, 25.04.2017.

Istrian Film Day, 27th of April at ETNOFILm

In cooperation with IKA (Istrian Cultural Agency), ETNOFILm dedicates its first day to films by local authors and those filmed in Istria. Customs, beliefs, habitat, moments of history – all familiar to us from our childhood – will be shown through four stories that we bring on Thursday, 27th of April. (more…)


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