Published by: Tamara Nikolić Đerić, 15.04.2019.

Catharsis – Multimedia portrait exhibition

Location: Sv.Toma Gallery
Opening: 26.04.2019. at 17 o’clock

Catharsis, translated from Greek, means purification – primary of the spirit. Purge from powerful emotions, emotions that overwhelm us, regardless of their origin. This multimedia project, composed of fifty-four photos and corresponding works of various formats, deals with the specific aspect of psychoanalysis – introspection of men.

Motivation for “Catharsis” author found in a popular archetype – “Men do not cry”.

The initial concept is based on the need for dedication of time and understanding experiential traces accumulated throughout life, whether they are positive or negative. Fifty-four male people, different ages, different life stories, and different perceptions of participation in the project are linked only to the desire for short-term engagement and reflection of one lived experience experienced in the web of their memories. Symbolism of contact with your own memory is shown in a simple performative gesture. Each portrait shows a man sitting on the floor and putting away his shoes.

The free choice of technique has made it possible to create texts, videos, sound, images, collages, photographs, sculptures, music, performances, etc. Fifty-four men become co-authors of the project whose works, free of any technical requirements or author’s authority, remain documents of a moment. The constant flow of time, therefore, shapes this project as one step in a series of long-term processes of living.
The exhibition will be opened on 27 and 28.04. from 18 to 20 hours.
The Catharsis exhibition was organized as a GRISIAyouth third edition finalist

Toni Mijač, born in 1988 in Split, graduated undergraduate studies in Film and Video at the Art Academy in Split and graduated in the direction of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He gained work experience by working on various artistic and commercial projects. He has participated in a series of multimedia works, films, workshops, festivals and happenings along with six years of active leadership in film schools for elementary and high school students in Split and Zagreb. He has exhibited in the galleries of Klovićeva dvori, the Museum of Contemporary Art, NMGO @ Praktika, Greta, GMK, Jedinstvo Drive, Kset, Art-Kino Rijeka and London Metropolitan University. In his work, he mainly deals with everyday impulses in different lifestyle areas that he questions using language and expressive resources of different media such as movies, videos, texts, installations, photography and social practices.

GRISIAyouth is a young project started in 2016 as a contemporary addition to Grisia, traditionally held in Rovinj since 1967.
Produced and curated by the Creative Industries Association – Faro11, GRISIAyouth brings together young, new media artists from Croatia and the EU. As a basic exhibition platform, GRISIAyouth uses the “crude” geography of open space where through projection of works on the walls of the church or facades of surrounding houses and remote passages and installing installations within untouched green areas, a blending of technology, new media intervention and natural habitat happens, which ultimately results in a new way of experiencing Mediterranean urban areas. GRISIAyouth will offer video works, performances, installations, guided visit through the show and more, which takes place on the second Sunday in August.

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