Sabina Mikelić:

Presentation of “Filming Beyond, Voicing Relations”

This year’s ETNOFILm Festival lecture will be held by Sabina Mikelic. In the lecture she will present her research “Filming Beyond, Voicing Relations”, which deals with the act of filming and the way in which the act itself and its tool (camera) can examine the trust and relationships with the participants (subjects) of the film while at the same time shows the complexity of the relationship between the director and the protagonist.

The research was conducted during a two year graduate study at the Dutch Film Academy “Artistic research in and through Cinema”, and is part of its ongoing art practice.

The research was “completed” by the Beyond the Choir project, which investigated the possibility of overcoming the stereotype and what she already knows, or overcoming the context of the island, its position and its inhabitants through the process of filming. In the project, each of the 7 members of the traditional klapa Krijanca takes her to their special place on the island of Rab from which she originates.

The project articulates the following questions: “Can the research of the intimate relationship of people with a certain place at the same time be a deeper analysis of the recording process and the role of the camera in social interaction? Can it then become also the way in which I, as an author,” will solve the question of my own belonging? How can I use the camera and record to share the moment with another? How do we connect and how do we trust each other? ”

Along with the lecture we will also look at some audio-visual elements of the research and after the lecture open dialogue with audience. Trailer: https://vimeo.com/276021876.

SATURDAY 27.4. 14:00-16:00 sati
Sala Grande Zajednice Talijana “Pino Budicin” Rovinja – Comunita degli Italiani Rovigno


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